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JoCI January Issue

The Journal of Clinical Immunology is a bimonthly international journal that helps researchers and academic clinicians keep current on investigative basic immunology and diseases related to the immune system. This well-established journal publishes articles on basic, translational, and clinical studies in all aspects of immunology, including animal models of human diseases.


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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues:

I am proud to announce that CIS has just launched its brand new website. As most of you are aware, CIS has spent a significant amount of time and effort working with a third-party web designer on the redesign of the new website. We are immensely pleased to finally see the cohesiveness between the look and feel of our website, and the direction of CIS...


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Tales from the Listserv

In our opinion, by enabling us to consult and ask for previous experiences from our colleagues, the CIS PIDD-Listserv is an invaluable service to us all taking care of rare immunologic disorders. 


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Dr. Helen SuHow I Became an Immunologist

Meet Helen C. Su, MD, PhD, Chief of Human Immunological Diseases Section in the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Microbiology at NIAID and NIH.


Get to know Dr. Su

Current News

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Apply for the CIS/AAAAI Diagnostic School in Primary Immunodeficiencies

The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) are pleased to announce the new 2018 Diagnostic School for Primary Immunodeficiencies, which will be held June 28 – July 1, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This program is aimed at anyone interested in understanding and learning how to effectively and appropriately harness, and utilize the wide array of diagnostic tools currently available in order to provide the best benefit and care to patients.

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Apply Today for the 2018 CIS/CSL Behring Fellowship Award - DEADLINE JAN. 24TH

The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) and CSL Behring are pleased to announce the 2018 Fellowship Award, which offers an award to one (1) individual in the third or fourth year of their fellowship program with a concentration or focus on primary immunodeficiency. The 2018 Fellowship Award will provide one (1) individual a one-year grant in the amount of $60,000.

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CIS Case Conference Webinar Series

CIS is pleased to provide recordings of our webinar series of immune deficiency case presentations. Hosted by the ECI Committee, this interactive electronic format emphasizes discussion of interesting cases where we can all learn from each other. Registration is free and all are welcome!


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