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CIS Case Conference Webinar Series

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"Two Sisters with Lymphadenopathy, Autoimmunity,
and Inborn Error of Immunity"

Matthew Wyke, MD with Senior Expert V. Koneti Rao, MD, FRCPA


"Balancing Lymphocyte Activation: Too Close to the Sea or the Sun?"

Rachel Guess, MD with Senior Expert Sergio D. Rosenzweig, MD, PhD




January 24th, 2023


Message from CIS President

Dear Colleagues:

At this point I hope that we are all recovered from what was another successful Spring season of meetings and conferences. One of those being the 2022 CIS Annual Meeting! I would once again like to extend a thank you to the 777 attendees (both in person -532- and virtual -245-), the 2022 Program Committee, and specifically our Co-Chairs, Drs. Elie Haddad and Rebecca Marsh who made everything possible during our full week of science...


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Donate Plasma - And Tell your Friends!

CIS has created a graphic with information on where to find plasma donation centers. Download now and share amoung your communities! 


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Pioneers in Clinical Immunology

Kate Sullivan, MD, PhDDr. Kate Sullivan

"A few gender-specific thoughts are in order given the mission of this group. I have many traditional female traits. I’m a builder of consensus, I lead by example, I try to build trust and forge community. But- niceness must not be mistaken for weakness. It is possible to be simultaneously fierce, supportive, and pleasant. Maybe that is not your personality. Great!  I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be better and to succeed by being you."


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Journal of Clinical Immunology (JoCI) Update

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Statement on SCIG and IVIG

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Job Research Foundation Announces 5th Round of Funding

The Job Research Foundation, which seeks to help find a cure for Job Syndrome by providing the global scientific community with additional opportunities to further research into the rare multisystem immunodeficiency disorder, has announced the fifth round of grant funding.

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