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Featured Resource

JoCI November Issue

The Journal of Clinical Immunology is a bimonthly international journal that helps researchers and academic clinicians keep current on investigative basic immunology and diseases related to the immune system. This well-established journal publishes articles on basic, translational, and clinical studies in all aspects of immunology, including animal models of human diseases.


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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues:

Summer is over, and everyone is back to the routine, with a new academic year, for many of our members. CIS has had a very busy and productive few months since our annual meeting in April 2018. We are immensely grateful to our members who have continued to work on many of our initiatives despite busy and over-committed schedules. The CIS Leadership met at the end of August for our annual Leadership Retreat, during which time a strategic plan was developed for the next five years (2018-2023). The Council decided to focus on 6 key initiatives – education, innovation, membership, communication, advocacy, and partnership, over the course of the next few years. The leadership also reaffirmed the primary values of the Society, and we created a new visual to summarize our mission statement...


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Tales from the Listserv

In our opinion, by enabling us to consult and ask for previous experiences from our colleagues, the CIS PIDD-Listserv is an invaluable service to us all taking care of rare immunologic disorders. 


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Pioneers in Clinical Immunology

Helen Chapel, MA, MD, FRcPath, FRCPDr. Helen Su

"My inspiration to go into Immunology dates from the first heart transplant in S.Africa. I attended the Massachusetts General Hospital as a final year medical student to see for myself and then watched renal transplants in theatre in London. I was not convinced that this was an ethical, life saving procedure – how wrong I was..."


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Current News

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IDF Grant Available

The IDF Research Grant Program is now accepting applications for 2019.

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NIH Clinical Trails in PIDs - Round Table Planned for 2020

The NIH, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and other participating Institutes, support several funding opportunities for clinical trials in broad scientific areas that represent the interests and competencies of investigators.

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Join Us for the CIS Talent Show!

The CIS will be hosting its inaugural Talent Show and Silent Auction at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA to benefit the CIS Foundation. Do you have a talent you would like to display in Atlanta? Let us know!

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CIS Case Conference Webinar Series

CIS is pleased to provide recordings of our webinar series of immune deficiency case presentations. Hosted by the ECI Committee, this interactive electronic format emphasizes discussion of interesting cases where we can all learn from each other. Registration is free and all are welcome!


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Next Webinar: April 23, 2019