2019 Summer School Attendee Page

Saturday, October 26

Moderator: Kathleen Sullivan, MD, PhD

  • Alice Chau, MD, MSE
  • Rosella Lee, MD
  • Emma Westermann, MD
  • Filipe Sarinho, MD, MSc
  • How to Deliver a Complement
    Kathleen Sullivan, MD, PhD

Moderator: Troy Torgerson, MD, PhD

  • Christine Rauscher, MD
  • Harry Lesmana, MD
  • Priya Patel, MD
  • Ali Sobh, MD, PhD
  • IPEX, etc.Ain’t that PIRDey?
    Troy R. Torgerson, MD, PhD

Moderator: Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD

  • Jacqueline Eastman, MD
  • Samantha Knox, MD
  • Luciano Urdinez, MD
  • All About the B Cell
    Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD

Saturday, October 26

Moderator: Sergio Rosenzweig, MD, PhD

  • Ashley Reiland, MS, APRN, FNPC
  • Di Sun, MD, MPH
  • Robert Szalewski, MD    
  • Ikaros Up And Down
    Sergio Rosenzweig, MD, PhD

Moderator: Hans Ochs, MD      

  • Enrica Calzoni, MD
  • Diana Nichols-Vinueza, MD
  • Eric Wohlford, MD, PhD
  • All Platelets Large and Small
    Hans Ochs, MD

Sunday, October 27

  • Yael Dinur Schejter, MD