New Research Participation Criteria

The CIS Council has made a decision to facilitate the research activities of its members, when possible, by responding to requests to send messages to the membership regarding surveys, questionnaires and requests for data on specific patient cohorts.

The CIS policy mandates that any member wishing to engage CIS membership should provide a 300 word summary of proposed project, if institutional IRB approval has been obtained (or if not needed), any financial conflicts of interest, and what support they are specifically seeking from CIS members (surveys, questionnaires or de-identified data), contact information and timeline. Only investigator-initiated research studies will be reviewed for approval.  All studies utilizing CIS membership resources should acknowledge CIS. This resource is restricted to active CIS members.


Any CIS member wishing to solicit participation from the CIS membership for any of the above should contact the CIS office, which will submit all requests to the Council, and which will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Ad-hoc review may be performed on specific requests.