The CIS Foundation Represented at the 2019 Boston Marathon

CIS will be represented at the 2019 Boston Marathon by our very own Liz Varga, LGC. She will be running on behalf of the CIS Foundation to raise awareness and funds!

This is Liz's second appearance at the Boston Marathon. We are thrilled that she chose to use this opportunity to support the CIS Foundation.

"This year, I have had the good fortune to begin working in the Primary Immunodeficiency clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and have been totally mesmerized as I have learned more about these conditions, the patients and families affected, and the incredible care providers who diagnose and treat these disorders.
The Clinical Immunology Society’s mission is to support, educate and train physicians in immunology, so that patients with immunodeficiency can have the best chance possible to live a normal life... It is a pleasure to give back to an organization and the providers who have taught me so much and helped so many." - Liz Varga

Support Liz by donating to the Foundation today!



Want to Track Liz's Progress?

Text "runner" to 234567. Then reply with bib number 18284.
You can also see live updates during the race using the “B.A.A.  Marathon” app on your smartphone.