CIS Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinical Immunology Society is to facilitate education, translational research and novel approaches to therapy in clinical immunology to promote excellence in the care of patients with immunologic/inflammatory disorders.

Objectives and Purposes

The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS), established in 1986, is devoted to fostering developments in the science and practice of clinical immunology. The primary objectives and purposes of this Society shall be:

  1. to facilitate the interchange of ideas and information among physicians and other investigators who are concerned with immunological/inflammatory diseases;
  2. to promote research on the causes and mechanisms of diseases relating to the immune system and, as a result, to unify concepts of disease pathogenesis;
  3. to encourage investigators and clinicians to share in their knowledge of immunologically active drugs and other interventions;
  4. to promote application and dissemination of recent advances in biomedical science for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to immunity and inflammation; and
  5. to foster excellence in research and medical practice.

Clinical Immunology Society: The Early Years 1984-1989

Dr. Noel Rose"It can truly be said that the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) was conceived at luncheon in the 9th floor cafeteria of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 1986. John L. Fahey of UCLA was visiting me and introduced a discussion of the uncertain future of clinical immunology in the United States..."

Table of Contents

  1. 1984 - 1985 – Concept and Consultations
  2. 1986 – Provisional Organization of the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) and the Initial Annual Conference on Clinical Immunology (ACCI)
  3. 1987 - 1989 – The New Clinical Immunology Society: CIS Organization
  4. 1986 - 1989 –Relationships with Existing Organizations, Conferences, and Certifications
  5. Summary and Opportunities

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Meet the Founders

Dr. Noel Rose




Dr. John Fahey