CIS-PIDD Listserv

CIS-PIDD is a professional group of physicians and scientists with an interest in primary immunodeficiencies. The purpose of the group is to enhance collaborations and exchange information among members. We welcome physicians who provide care for patients with immunodeficiencies and scientists who are doing research related to the primary immunodeficiencies who wish to join our group.


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ECI/FIT Listserv

ECI/FIT is a group of early career immunologists (ECI) fellows-in-training (FIT) who have completed their training within the past five years with an interest in primary immunodeficiences. The purpose of this group is to enhance networking, collaborations and information exchange for ECIs/FITs. This can be a venue to ask colleagues at a similar stage of your career regarding work-, research-, and/or care-related issues.


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Allied Health Listserv

The CIS Allied Health Listserv is a group for non-physician medical professionals to network and collaborate around treating patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases.


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The purpose of the VUSserve is two-fold: (a) capture information on genetic variants of uncertain significance in immunologically relevant genes, from the larger PID community along with relevant clinical phenotype for purposes of improving our understanding of the genetic etiology of these diseases. (b) To provide a resource for CIS members and the PID community by connecting those who have identified VUS in relevant genes with those who have the capability to do functional analyses for those genes or pathways to ascertain the pathogenic relevance of these variants.


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