Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented for outstanding service contributions to the field of clinical immunology and/or the Clinical Immunology Society.



2023: Rebecca Marsh, MD
2022: Troy Torgerson, MD, PhD
2021: Roshini Abraham, PhD
2020: Jordan Orange, MD, PhD
2019: Daniel Adelman, MD
2018: Vincent Bonagura, MD & Jean-Laurent Casanova, MD, PhD
2017: William Shearer, MD, PhD
2016: Jack Routes, MD
2015: Mary Ellen Conley, MD
2014: Steven Holland, MD
2013: Raif Geha, MD
2012: Carl June, MD
2011: Kathleen Sullivan, MD PhD
2010: George Tsokos, MD
2009: Thomas Fleisher, MD
2008: Andrew Saxon, MD
2007: Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD PhD
2006: Mark Ballow, MD FAAAAI

Presidential Award

This award is presented for outstanding long-term high-impact contributions to the science and/or clinical practice of clinical immunology, including current up to date knowledge and/or perspective.


2023: Becky Buckley, MD
2022: Kate Sullivan MD, PhD
2021: Daniel Kastner, MD, PhD
2020: Not awarded due to Annual Meeting cancellation due to COVID-19
2019: Stuart Tangye, PhD
2018: Luigi Notarangelo, MD
2017: Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD
2016: Alain Fischer, MD PhD
2015: Thomas Fleisher, MD
2014: Jean-Laurent Casanova, MD PhD
2013: Rebecca Buckley, MD
2012: Steven Holland, MD
2011: John Fahey, MD and Noel Rose, MD PhD
2010: Tadamitsu Kishimoto, MD PhD
2009: Hans Ochs, MD
2008: Daniel Cua, PhD
2007: Thomas Waldman, MD
2006: C. Garrison Fathman, MD
2005: Andrew Saxon, MD