WEBbook of Biologic Therapies

The Clinical Immunology Society maintains the WEBbook of Biologic Therapies as a service to the Society members and the medical community in general. The WEBbook lists certain targeted biologics that are FDA approved in the United States and gives their names (generic, brand, and others), molecular target, molecular structure, licensed indications, manufacturer, distributor, and date of first FDA approval.

The WEBbook includes agents that were selected as:

  1. Recombinant non-physiologic proteins, i.e., monoclonal antibodies and receptor constructs;
  2. Certain physiologic proteins of particular interest to clinical immunologists.  Such proteins may  either be produced by recombinant technology or purified from human sources;
  3. Immunologically modified autologous cells;
  4. Radiochemical or toxin conjugates of #1 or #2.

The WEBbook does not include:

  1. Many purified proteins;
  2. Most blood products, including IgG in its various forms;
  3. Many cell, tissue and organ grafts, including stem cells;
  4. Vaccines against microbial agents;
  5. Allergenic extracts;
  6. Antisera

In addition, the WEBbook does not include agents that are not FDA approved, even if they are approved in other countries. It also avoids discussion of non-approved ("off label") uses of approved compounds, even if these have become generally accepted in the medical community.







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The information contained in the WEBbook is intended for educational purposes, and should not be relied on for decisions related to immediate patient care (see full disclaimer). The Website Medical Editor welcomes suggestions, corrections or comments at info@clinimmsoc.org.