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CIS Foundation Engagement and Mission...

Using charitable support, the Foundation is dedicated to advancing the field of immunology and providing resources and educational opportunities for all CIS members. CIS has made a $100K pledge to the Foundation to contribute to the $1M fundraising goal. Once our goal is met, the money can be dispersed for the objectives of the mission, including:


Engagement of physicians and scientists who are early in their careers in order to foster interest and scholarship in our field.
  • Annual Meeting Travel Grants
  • Promotion of Mentorship achievements
  • Visiting Observerships

Promotion of education for both early and established immunologists for the ultimate benefit of our patients.
  • Diagnostic PID School
  • Patient-centered education initiatives

Attracting and retaining a diverse, collaborative workforce which draws from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to create meaningful change in our field.
  • Junior Faculty Awards
  • Spotlight Features

Changing the landscape of Immunology through promotion of research and clinical initiatives.
  • Bridge Grants
  • Clinical and Diagnostic Research Efforts


How You Can Help


You can now donate to the CIS Foundation from the CIS website.


Organize your own local fundraising event to support the CIS Foundation.


Make a pledge over any amount of time to the CIS Foundation.


 Create a legacy that will ensure CIS remains ready to provide education to the future of clinical immunology. Learn more.


Donate to the Foundation while renewing your Membership Dues.


You can make a donation onsite at any CIS event.

Talk with Your Patients About the CIS Foundation

CIS has developed materials which not only recognize the amazing stories of three PID patients, but also highlight what can be done through a donation to the CIS Foundation.


Please download the CIS Foundation - Patient Brochure, and send it to your patients and patients families to share the good work of the CIS Foundation. If you would like print copies mailed to you for distribution, please contact the CIS Office.




Plan Now - Give Later

Now you have a way to create a legacy that will help ensure CIS remains ready to provide education to the future of clinical immunology.

Give with the greatest impact and in the easiest way: include the CIS Foundation in your will or estate plans. These types of gifts – including wills, trusts, retirement plans, real estate, and bequests – are a wonderful way to ensure that CIS’s work can be carried on into the future. It is a way to leave your mark and ensure the legacy you leave is a legacy of change. Learn more about the CIS Foundation's Planned Giving options.