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Begin your membership with the CIS to recieve these membership benefits:

Discounted Registration

As a CIS Member you will receive discounted registration for each Annual Meeting.

Build Your Network

As a CIS member, you are a part of a large network of researchers and clinicians dedicated to the field of immunology and immundeficiency.

Get Involved

As a member of CIS you have the opportunity to join a committee, run for a leadership position, or present during a CIS Webinar!

Grant Eligibility

As a CIS Member, you will be eligible for Junior Faculty Grants as they become available.

Join a Partner Society

CIS has partnered with other regional immunology societies around the world to promote unity within our field. Receive discounted membership to our partner societies as well.

Find an Immunologist

CIS wants to help you grow your practice. If you would like to be included, you will be featured on the CIS "Find an Immunologist" resource used by patients and other CIS Members.

Annual Meeting Recordings

All sessions at the CIS Annual Meetings are recorded, and with your CIS membership, you will receive access to these recordings.

A few simple steps stand between you and your CIS Membership

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  2. Attach your CV or Attestation Statement if you are applying for Trainee Membership
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