CIS is committed to bringing the most current and relevant resources and information to not only our membership, but the public at large. The resources listed, as well as the educational sessions provided and sponsored by CIS are only a few examples of how the mission of CIS is upheld.

CIS Case Conference Webinar Series

CIS is pleased to provide recordings of our webinar series of immune deficiency case presentations. Hosted by the ECI Committee, this interactive electronic format emphasizes discussion of interesting cases where we can all learn from each other. Registration is free and all are welcome! 

DLI Lab Directory

The DLI Lab Directory is a catalogue of clinical labs in the US and Canada that offer diagnostic phenotyping and /or functional testing for primary Immunodeficiencies, compiled by the Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology (DLI) Committee.

WEBbook of Biologic Therapies

The Clinical Immunology Society maintains the WEBbook of Biologic Therapies as a service to the Society members and the medical community in general. The WEBbook lists certain targeted biologics that are FDA approved in the United States and gives their names (generic, brand, and others), molecular target, molecular structure, licensed indications, manufacturer, distributor, and date of first FDA approval.



CIS does everything it can to provide various funding opportunites to its membership. Beyond what is available through CIS, several other similar organiztions also offer these opportunities.


CIS advocates for and supports efforts to challenge political and legal health-related issues affecting patients with immunologic and inflammatory disorders.

Related Organizations

CIS is proud to have an official partner with four international societies focused on primary immunodeficiency representing the five major continents. Together they have formed the International Alliance for Primary Immunodeficiency Societies (IAPIDS). Additionally, CIS alligns itself with several other organizations around the globe who have similar missions.


Additional Resources