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Immunologic and Genetic Studies for Patients with Severe COVID-19

Helen Su, Gigi Notarangelo and Jean-Laurent Casanova are interested in recruiting pediatric and young adult patients* with life threatening or lethal COVID19, especially those without underlying co-morbidities.


If people want to join their international consortium and contribute patients to this research effort, we are happy to collaborate. They are planning on not only performing WGS/WES in such patients to identify genetic variants predisposing to susceptibility (and more importantly functionally validating any causative variants), but also through our NIH co-investigators to examine TCR/BCR repertoire with TCR antigen mapping, IFN/chemokine/cytokine responses, and serological responses, longitudinally in patients where possible. Hopefully through the comprehensive analyses there will be important discoveries to combat this pandemic.


If interested, please contact any of the investigators, or the study coordinators:  Helen Matthews or Sandra Maxwell, and to reach Helen Su:


*Young adult is being defined as anyone less than 50 without co-morbidities, but the studies will likely prioritize those less than 30, and especially with multiple cases in the family.  But for now, happy to hear about cases less than 50 years old who were otherwise healthy.



Chart Summarizing All Current COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests





COVID-19 Information for Families Affected by PI

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) has compiled a list of resources and updates (in English and Spanish) for those affected by a primary immunodeficiency.