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Madeleine Hanan 
Executive Director

Staff Liaison:

Executive Committee
Sponsorship Development
Nominations Committee

Sarah Tulley   
Meetings Manager

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Annual Meeting
Grants & Sponsorship
CIS Summer School
CIS Diagnostic School
Program Committee
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee
Advocacy Committee

Madeline Lanham  
Communications Manager

Staff Liaison:

Diagnostic Laboratory of Immunology (DLI) Committee
Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee
Women in Clinical Immunology Sciences (WCIS) Committee
Early Career Immunologists (ECI) Committee
Education Committee
Fellows in CIS (FCIS) Committee
Investigators of CIS Committee
Membership Committee
Thymic Defect Task Force (TDT)
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We regret that the CIS National Office is not able to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments. If you are in need of a medical opinion, we suggest searching our Find an Immunologist section of the website.