Message from 2019 Program Directors

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS), thank you for participating in the 2019 Annual Meeting: Immune Deficiency & Dysregulation North American Conference taking place April 4-7, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia.

CIS is the key multidisciplinary organization for the field of clinical immunology, and is devoted to fostering developments in the science and practice of clinical immunology. The mission of CIS is to facilitate education, translational research and novel approaches to therapy in clinical immunology, and to promote excellence in the care of patients with immunologic/inflammatory disorders.

The CIS leadership and the members of the Program Committee have jointly defined our goals and have engaged clinicians and researchers from a variety of backgrounds to identify the optimal approach to addressing critical educational needs in the field of clinical immunology. The primary goal of the Annual Meeting is to provide a stimulating and lively forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in clinical immunology, including primary immunodeficiencies and immune dysregulatory diseases, and related areas, including molecular pathogenesis, and novel therapeutic approaches.

The conference will focus on cutting edge clinical and basic science research, as well as practical applications of these in patient care. The plenary sessions of the conference are specifically designed to tackle key issues facing physicians and scientists in the field of clinical immunology, while also exploring its inter-connectedness to other medical disciplines and healthcare in general, and addressing the challenges and benefits of new diagnostic tools, and therapeutic options currently available for personalized treatment of patients with rare immunological disorders.  The sessions will also provide a venue for lively dialogue on the growing field of secondary immunodeficiencies, and the future of immunomodulatory therapies.   

The ultimate goal of the Annual CIS meeting is to engage, educate and generate a large and collaborative network of clinical immunology physicians and scientists, in a manner that is consistent with the overarching aims of the Clinical Immunology Society, and equip them for clinical practice and research in this field.

The CIS leadership is delighted to announce the 2019 Annual Meeting, and we look forward to bringing together outstanding clinicians and scientists to provide the latest research and clinical advances for the benefit of the participants and our patients.  We hope you enjoy this meeting, and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn and network with colleagues.


Roshini Abraham, PhD
2019 Annual Meeting
Program Committee Co-Chair


Sergio Rosenzweig, MD, PhD
2019 Annual Meeting
Program Committee Co-Chair