President's Message

Dear Colleagues:

The CIS leadership recently met in Chicago, IL for the annual Leadership Retreat. This very informative meeting allows various leaders within CIS to gather and discus the current state of the CIS, and our collective vision for the future. New initiatives were suggested, and mature initiatives were revisited with a fresh look. I feel motivated and inspired after this meeting, and am thrilled to be able to share a few updates from these discussions:



After several discussions over the past months, the CIS Leadership has determined that there is a gap in the recognition of clinical immunologists that they would like to address. Because of this, it has been decided that CIS will be pursuing its own Fellowship Program. While the details of eligibility requirements and review processes are still being considered and fleshed out, we are thrilled about this new development and the value that this designation will bring to our membership and field at large.



As I am sure you are all aware, the CIS Summer Schools have been an extreme success over the years, leading to the training and education of hundreds of individuals. With that kind of success, the International Alliance for Primary Immunodeficiency Societies (IAPIDS) has determined, that in an effort to promote a unified approach to care, we would invite past attendees from all individual summer schools to take part in a gathering of graduates. The meeting will take place from January 30 – February 2, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal.



There are several exciting developments regarding the 2020 Annual Meeting, and while we are still finalizing the program, I would like to draw your attention to a new session we will be piloting in 2020. It is important to the Program Committee and CIS Leadership that we continue to evolve what it means to be a part of the clinical immunology community. This includes providing programming and resources to all groups including, but certainly not limited to, nurse practitioners and genetic councilors. At the 2020 Annual Meeting we will be providing a session preceding the regular programming catering to these groups with what we are informally calling an “Immunology Bootcamp”. This will not only allow these individuals the opportunity to network with others within their profession, but will also build a strong foundation for the science that will follow in the main program. Details about this, and other significant portions of the program will be shared in the next few months.



For the last nine years, CIS has been fortunate enough to keep its membership dues at a fixed cost. Additionally, over the last nine years, the CIS Leadership has been committed to adding value to our membership as a whole and provide benefits exclusive to CIS. With this added value comes added cost to the Society. With that being said, the 2020 dues renewal period will reflect an increase in membership dues. This increase will allow CIS to continue to keep Annual Meeting registration rates manageable for all, offer educational opportunities for members such as the Summer School and Diagnostic School, as well as create new, and expand our current resources such as webinars, the WEBbook, and the management of the CIS Listserv. There will be an opportunity to save on annual membership dues by renewing your dues for three years, and information about this structure will be shared in due time. I appreciate your support and understanding as we make this decision with the health of the Society in mind.


Most appreciatively,

Troy Torgerson, MD, PhD
CIS President