President's Message

Dear Colleagues:

It is a true honor and privilege to be writing to you as the new CIS President. I would first like to thank Dr. Troy Torgerson for his outstanding leadership during a season that has been more than challenging. Navigating the cancellation of an Annual Meeting, along with planning and executing the first ever CIS Virtual Annual Meeting, is an unforgettable resume. I believe I can speak on behalf of all CIS when I say that his leadership was put to the test these last two years, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Thank you, Troy for your dedication to the Society, and for leading and keeping our Executive Committee, our Membership and the EDI team afloat as we adjusted to our “new normal”.


Aside from the complications that COVID-19 inflicted on our operations, we continued to share science through the monthly CIS webinars and the CIS Listserv without interruption. We continued to plan and offer virtual participation for our 2020 Summer School. We have adapted and navigated these trying times, and we will continue to do so for many years to come.


Following our fantastic Annual Meeting this April, with and all-time record of participants :), I would also like to thank all of our attendees, as each individual contribution adds to the success of this program year after year. The science presented only gets better and more useful, and 2021 was no exception due to the hard work of our faculty and the Program Committee. I would like to thank all of the CIS members for their unwavering support of the CIS and dedication to our field.


As I transition into my role as President, there are key initiatives I would like to focus on with the help of all CIS volunteers and committees to ensure we continue working toward our mission of facilitating education, translational research and novel approaches to therapy in clinical immunology to promote excellence in the care of patients with immunologic/inflammatory disorders. 


First, after two years of missing face-to-face interactions at the Annual Meeting, I would like to increase the networking opportunities for all members. As we all know, networking and collaborating is one of the great benefits of attending our meetings and participating in Society activities; that is where the majority of change and advancement in science comes from. During my time as President, I will be committed to bringing these opportunities to our members every chance we get.


Second, as you all may be aware, CIS has just announced its new Diversity & Inclusion Committee. While this committee will be focusing on the diversity and inclusion as it relates to our own community, we will continue to address this through our partnerships with global entities through the IAPIDS. I can’t think of a more important initiative than promoting diversity & inclusion both at a local and global scale, through our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and our IAPIDS partnership! I look forward to engaging with this and all CIS committees to support CIS goals and projects. 


Additionally, we will continue to create and support an agenda in which promotes excellent patient care including advocacy efforts, supporting research, and disseminating information to allow clinicians and researchers alike access to vital information. Patients are the beginning and end of our work, and we will continue to keep them at the forefront of our mission. More to come in this area, as we will be asking for your (indispensable) help and contribution in areas like Clinical Guidelines and Registry initiatives. 


Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your steadfast support. I am looking forward to an exciting two years. I invite all of the society members to reach out to me personally or via the CIS staff to communicate your concerns, share your ideas for new initiatives, or to volunteer your talents and skills to continue to expand our vibrant community.



Sergio Rosenzweig, MD, PhD
CIS President 2021-2023